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The place where I fell in love with Paris

Libération has never been just a newspaper. Founded by Jean-Paul Sartre, it is since its beginnings in the early seventies a kind of myth. I very much like Libé, but what I like best, don’t take me wrong, is its stunning view from one of the best-hidden terraces in town.

I know this place very well, but curiously each time I’m there it’s the same shock of beauty: there is this “suis-là” moment, this feeling of having to pinch myself. Am I here? Is it a dream? It’s just Paris. Ahead of me. Down there. Beautiful, whatever direction I turn my gaze. Like a women, but one of the sort never expecting being seduced. A complacent one.

Pretend to be the misstress of DSK

There, far away, like a miniature, the Eiffel Tower. Here the Centre Pompidou, unmistakable modernity in the middle of the ancient buildings. Up there, Montmartre with the Sacré Coeur, much prettier from afar than up close.

Unfortunately, the terrace of Libération is not a public place. You can’t go there just like that. But you could do something extraordinary, an achievement, an invention, you could write a bestseller or declare yourself a mistress of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and the day when the colleagues of Libé ask you for an interview, just set one condition: it has to be on the terrace.

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