Lost in translation

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Paris is full of mysteries and this young lady is one

The other day, I saw a young lady lying in a bed. I saw her through a window, but the strange thing was, I could just walk into her room and observe her. Intriguing? Yes, indeed.

Here she is, wearing huge hair curlers, a person from another time. She just got her nails done. But she didn’t pay attention to what was happening around her, pretending to be alone, just reading a book, listening to Nat King Cole, the sound coming from an old record player.

A bra, a bird and a blouse

There was an old cage with a bird inside looking a bit lost in translation. Right next to it, on a garment rack,  a bra hanging, white gloves also, a blouse. I’ve no idea about her name, her nationality, nothing. But she looked as if she just walked out of the setting of “Mad Man”.

Turn inside out

She was lying in a window, you might ask? Yes. She was actually occupying one of the hotel rooms at Hotel Amour, an arty spot for arty people. From this special room you have not only view on the street – people outside also can have a good look inside.

Is it for exhibitionists therefore? No, I don’t think so. It happened to be what Parisians call a vente privée, it was, to tell you the truth, a shopping-animation. Cool? Well, kind of. No idea if this makes it sell more (or less).

Usually, showing windows on “Mad about Paris”, is all about shop windows or, to be honest, window-shopping; I like to show what shopkeepers (who sometimes seem to be real art directors) are displaying for the public. So why not step outside the box for a change? And have a look from inside out.

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