La Deneuve on display

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Le Bon Marché celebrates an odd jubilee and the spirit of the Left Bank

Times are pretty rough out there, so every occasion to outplay competitors is more than welcome. That’s why Le Bon Marché, the grand Department Store sitting on the Rive Gauche of Paris, is celebrating its 160th jubilee as if it were a real „round“ birthday like, say, 200 or 250. Anyway, once you see the very special jubilee shop windows, you won’t care about the numbers game. They’re beautiful, and worth the walk.

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Le Bon Marché has always been famous for its perfectly displayed windows, the Christmas editions are major landmarks of the city, and there’s hardly a child in Paris that hasn’t been there to see the puppets, bears and reindeers dance. This time, for the odd jubilee, a cartoon version of the great Catherine Deneuve dances through Paris landscapes in black-and-white, created by Marjane Satrapi, the woman behind „Persepolis“ (the comicbook and the 2007 movie that made it to the Oscars).

Kissing fish

The frozen scenes show „la Deneuve“ at her ten favorite places on the Left Bank, in the Jardin des Plantes, amongst others, the Café Fleurus, at Place Saint-Sulpice, the Luxembourg Gardens and, of course, Le Bon Marché, and others. Her alter ego is kissing fish and banging the drum, carrying a bistro tray through Saint-Germain and sitting like a mermaid on a fountain’s edge. For Catherine Deneuve, Rive Gauche means „relief, liberty, fantasy…“, that’s a quote from the store’s magazine.

Its editors are so happy to have the Deneuve scoop that they praise her qualities by saying that the actress stands for „perfection, elegance, character, effortlessness, commitment and the extraordinary“. In other words: for a set of images that Le Bon Marché would like to share.

Buy yourself into bankruptcy

Still need more input to go there and buy yourself into bankruptcy? Well, right now, there’s also a model of the store’s two Haussmann buildings on display – made of 45.000 Lego bricks. Guess, it’s not for sale. But everything else is, at jubilee prices!

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