Blanca Li’s hilarious party

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My Concierge Told Me

La Fête de la Danse

She is Spanish, she is a dancer, and her energy is contagious: Blanca Li, the most Spanish of all Parisians, is able to make a group of male bridge players dance or to dress a division of soldiers in a tutu. This week-end she conquers the Grand Palais where she celebrates “La Fête de la Danse”.

This time, Blanca wants to make everybody dance; young and old, black and white, Parisans and tourists. The party started on Friday and will go on until Sunday evening. You are not a big dancer? Don’t worry. Blanca takes care of everybody, even the stiffest ones, even those without any feeling for rhythm.

Bal Tango

This is the kind of girl who has always been tempted by the impossible and made the most unexpected shows mixing dance with everything that comes along.

Tonight there is a Bal Tango going on. At 23 h  the night-clubbing starts with a bunch of DJ’s (Teo Moss, Jidax, Dan Marciano, Michael Canitrot, French Government, Hakimakli & Friends, Florian Sailer), “SILENT DISCO” and a homage to DJ Mehdi who died last week. There are also live performances (Sucre d’Orge, Isadora Gamberetti, Lida, Bruno Péré).

Worn-out dancing shoes already? Well, take a break and join the relaxing space or do some sun salutations in the Yogalab. But come and join the party: it will be hilarious.

Here is the program for Sunday, 25 September:
11h-12h: waltz with Charles de Lauzun
12h-13h: Hip-hop for kids, Dominique with Dominique Lisette & Charly Moandal
13h-14h: Lindy Hop with Mélanie & Paulo de Brotherswing
14h-14h30: Electro bal
14h30-15 h: Fanfare Texas Couscous
15h-15h30 : Danse d’Avril Johan Amselem
15h30-16h30: Tango with Maria Filali & Bruno Noël
16h30 -17h: Electro bal
17h-18h: Salsa
18h-18h30: Electro bal
18h30-19h: Fanfare Texas Couscous
Grand Palais
Main entrance
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris
Métro: Champs Elysées Clémenceau
Night clubbing : 28 €
Daytickets: 12 €, under 18 years 6 €, free for kids under 6
Sunday 25 September from 11h – 19h
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