Vanessa Bruno: Perfectly Parisian

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What makes the style of the young French designer?

She was born into fashion: Vanessa Bruno, daughter of a Danish 60s supermodel and a French fashion insider, attended her first fashion shows as a kid and founded her own brand at the age of 24. Today Vanessa Bruno is one of the French fashion icons.

Photo: © Sylvie Lancrenon

“I’m not a typical French girl”, Vanessa likes to say, but her style is definitely typical French or let’s say: so very, very Parisian. It’s so perfectly Parisian that Fashionista called Vanessa Bruno’s work “the perfectly French wardrobe every American girl’s after.”

And “Mad about Paris” found the perfect formula calling her style “relaxed romanticism”. But this alone can’t explain her success, which is due to the fact that Vanessa’s style is quite timeless: she knows how to transcend trends.

Her father was at the head of Cacharel and Emmanuel Kahn, but when it comes to fashion, Vanessa owes a lot or maybe everything to her mother: her Nordic beauty and her vision of elegance. “My mother always had a very modern, liberated style”, Vanessa notes, “resolutely bohemian. She was wearing jeans with long light dresses. And she loved to make me embroidered skirts”. Her origins also explains what she calls “the mixture of the free Danish spirit and the French refinement, which makes  my wardrobe look chic and simple at the same time”.

Vanessa, who dreamed all her life about making films one day, somehow wants to tell stories even when making fashion. The girls on the catwalk could just walk into real life and continue their life, have encounters, get involved in a new story. Since she’s been collaborating with filmmaker Stephanie Di Giusto, starring first Lou Doillon, daughter of Jane Birkin, now Kate Bosworth for the second time, she’s coming closer to her dream.

But we, fashion victims, are all hoping that Vanessa will stick to style.

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