The tyranny of intimacy

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The first faux pas of the first lady

A British colleague noted: It all seems very French. And indeed, it is all so very French. We are talking about what they call the “Valoche gate” here in France, read: Valérie Trierweiler’s twitter gate or the first faux pas of a first lady who doesn’t want to be one.

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What happened? Ms. Trierweiler, a prominent journalist in France with about 120 000 followers on twitter, tweeted a message in support of a Socialist dissident who was challenging Ségolene Royal, Hollandes former partner and mother of his four children, for a seat in La Rochelle in the parliamentary run-off yesterday.

That was, of course, completely against the position of the party. And completely against Hollande who publicly supported his ex-partner knowing that she would become speaker of the National Assembly, somehow the second man, or more precisely, woman in the state.

Insanely jealous

Striking resemblance: Valérie and Ségolène, verybest friends - Photo: AFP Olivier Douliery/Sébastien Bozon

In other words: Hollande and Royal had a deal. But the deal didn’t please Valérie who’s known to be insanely jealous. She just couldn’t bear the idea of seeing François’ ex around him all the time.

François Hollande is definitely not the first president of France whose emotional entanglements intrude on his public life. But that was exactly the reason, why the French didn’t support Nicolas Sarkozy anymore. They didn’t vote for Hollande, they voted against Sarkozy. It was as simply as that. They wanted to be finished with a whole era, the arrogant bling-bling attitude and something you could call the tyranny of intimacy.

The war of the bitches

All hopes are gone. The normal President is as normal as it can get in France. In other words: He’s just a guy like every body else, having the same troubles with the female sex, with his partner, ex-wife, mistresses, who knows. The thing is: we don’t want to know. Keep it silent, François.

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