Nothing against our First Girlfriend!

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Valérie Trierweiler is seeking her own path on high heels

When Valérie Trierweiler made her first official appearance at the G-8 last weekend, the American journalists were desperately wondering what to call the French First Lady: a spouse? Companion? Just a partner? What about calling her a First Girlfriend? Oh, they are sometimes so clever, as cunning as a fox.

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"L'Express-Style" started the discussion: too high for a normal girl?

The twice-divorced mother of three teenage boys is unmarried? Oh my God, how shocking! The US is not the Emirates, but somehow Puritanism is reigning over there in the same way.  Here in France we still wonder when the Americans will end their hypocrisies.

Somehow the French Socialists always set a good example. Remember François Mitterrand: Instead of going for a divorce, he had two families, an official and a hidden one.  That’s why everybody in France prefers by far the attitude of Mr. Hollande who was, by the way, never married to Ségolène Royal. After having spent seven years together with his new partner Mrs. Trierweiler, he has all the right to treat her as his legitimate companion.

Too high, too sexy?

Mrs. Trierweiler as voluptuous as Nigella Lawson? If only the nude colour of her dress didn't match the nude mix in the blender... Photo: AFP, Olivier Douliery

Now we come to the next point: the Yves Saint-Laurent pumps of the First Girlfriend that a lot of editors just described as a pair of “towering heels”. Were they too high, too sexy? In France, the subject was immediately discussed: “ça fait un peu TEPU”, said one comment on the site of Express-Style, which you could translate with “fuck-me pumps”.

The “Thinking housewife” had already commented on the fact that she had shown too much of her leg when the wind had accidently blown away her wrap around dress talking about a “sexually licentious lifestyle”.

Fashion police

Poor Valérie, whatever move she makes, it will be the wrong one. I for my part have nothing against her towering high heels. On the contrary. And I don’t care about their price or whether the shoes are only borrowed. But I would love to be her fashion police.

Let’s start with the wrap around dress she was wearing in two versions: a black and a nude one. Please, Valérie, give it to Emmaus, throw it directly into the charitable bin! There is nothing of Lauren Bacall or Catherine Hepburn left. It makes you look like the “thinking housewives”, who are criticising you.

You have to admit it: Tasting the delicious things of Michelle Obama’s garden, Valérie was looking as voluptuous as Nigella Lawson. If only the nude color of her dress wouldn’t match the nude mix in the blender.

To be continued.

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