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How to spend an arty night

It’s the 9th edition of the European Night of Museums, a unique occasion of spending your night with art. So forget about clubbing for once. 1300 French museums will not close their doors at night, 150 of them in Paris. Last year two million people took advantage of this opportunity and participated all over France. Some museums will just keep their doors open, others are proposing special events. The program is very vast: from lectures to concerts, from performances to a funny family paper chase, there is something for everybody. Check out the whole program here. But it’s even easier to download the free application. So why not participate at a performance of the group Les Mentsch in the... 

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Alain Ducasse at war against microwave cooking
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For a pretty long time the French chefs tried to ignore the French food bashing. But last year, Alain Ducasse, together with 14 other world-famous colleagues, decided to open the College Culinaire de France, a culinary institute, to promote and transmit the identity of French cooking in the world. When you enter, they sulk ... 

I love you, Paris!
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Roses from famous florist jeff Leatham at the George V First step: Wake up in Hotel Amour, lovely. Wasn’t exactly Hotel Amour? Well, just imagine it were. Now head to the wall of love in Montmartre and declare your love in all languages you can imagine. Who wouldn’t believe you after this? Pont des Arts Second step:... 

Paris under a white blanket of snow
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On Sunday, there was barely any traffic on the roads, people were taking strolls on the snow-covered streets and place des Vosges was all the sudden occupied by armies of snowmen. When travelling, of course, snow can be such a big pain. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled the last days, trains were delayed, but then... 

Starwars against Starbucks
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In other words: Place de Tertre is the epitome of Paris. Or, if you prefer, it’s its cliché. This is as Parisian as it can get in the imagination of Paris lovers. Starbucks on Place de Tertre? So what, you might object. They have Starbucks in Ho Chi Minh City, why not here? But this means to reckon without the Parisians.... 

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