My Paris Stories

Not Diamonds, just Tutus

As if someone was trying to tell us: slow down, relax, have a look, enjoy the beauty.

The Repetto boutique is on Rue de la Paix, where Cartier and all the other big jewellers have their headquarters. That tells you a lot about their simple leather ballerina pumps.

Right by the window, a black lady is sitting down, reading a book, as if this were a place to have a rest. What's she reading? Looks like the Bible, but I don’t want to ask. Why is she sitting there? She is not waiting for somebody, she doesn’t need a rest- otherwise she'd have chosen a bench. Here she becomes part of the urban spectacle.

There is something magical about Repetto. Not only because Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg loved to wear their pumps. It’s the spirit of dance that's fascinating. The whole universe. The feeling of airiness. It all began in 1956 when Brigitte Bardot wore ballet pumps made by an unknown artisan firm in the film Et Dieu crea la femme (And God created women). Today every Parisian woman who wants to follow in Bardot's footsteps has a pair of ballerines. It proves you don’t need heels to feel femme.