Kube ice bar: chilling & thrilling

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More and more people are seeking the chill. Blame it on global warming or simply the search for the lastest thrill. It’s about getting just a bit drunk. It has to be a unqiue experience.

The ice bar of the Hotel Kube definitely is one: before entering you’re given special quilted jackets from Pyrenex that you’re soon very grateful for because it’s freezing inside: The temperature is at -10 °C or at 14 °F and you have half an hour to drink four vodka cocktails. Four? Yes. That makes one at every seven and a half minutes. You might not feel the effect inside, in the cool and cosy bar, but once outside… you’d better able to hold your drink.

Ice bars like this exist around the globe; they are just the coolest bars you can imagine. But what’s even better is you don’t have to think about your carbon footprint once you’re in.

Of course, the ice in this bar is much more than the rocks in your drink. Actually everything is made of ice here: the bar itself, the bar stools, the whole decor. Since September 2010 the design is new and they used 20 tonnes of ice to redo it: You actually enter an hotel room where you find a bed, a closet, a bathroom with all what you usually need like soap and toothbrush, but frozen in ice. There is a flat screen TV and even a fireplace, no kidding, well, maybe just a bit. There’s also a valet service. But why come by car if you don’t have a chauffeur?

Ice bar at Hôtel Kube
1-5, passage Ruelle
75018 Paris
La Chapelle   or Marx Dormoy  
01 42 05 20 00
Booking is necessary at: paris@kubehotel.com

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