Louboutin sets Crazy Horse on fire

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Photo: © AFP, Johanna Leguerre

It’s a dream-team, a perfect match and it was an obvious thing to do: to marry Christian Louboutin with the girls of the Crazy Horse. Well, “marry” is probably not exactly the right word. The famous shoemaker is the first male guest star of the Crazy Horse and will be directing four new tableaux of a show simply called Fire.

It’s all in the feet

From 5th of March and for the whole month of March, guests at the Crazy Horse will understand where a women should locate her power of seduction: it’s all in her feet, her most erotic part.

And, of course, a woman’s foot can hardly be more erotic than when wearing Louboutins. The high heels with the ruby red soles are the epitome of eroticism. The man who can apparently do no wrong is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his brilliant career, with, amongst other things, a retrospective at the Design Museum in London, showcasing his stilettos, boots and other miracles.

The first male

”I’m interested in all things that celebrate and enhance the female form,” said Mr. Louboutin explaining his collaboration with the legendary cabaret. After Dita von Teese, the global super star of strip, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, and French actress and singer Arielle Dombasle, Mr. Louboutin is the first male guest star invited to rethink the show of the legendary house.

Mr. Louboutin is is directing four original and unique tableaux. As you can imagine, he will naturally focus on legs. I heard that, at the show’s start, a curtain with a glitzy projection, rises slightly to reveal some dancing feet clad in the famous Louboutin pumps. A bit like in “The Artist”, right, when Jean Dujardin, alias George Valentin discovers the feet of Peppy Miller moving behind the curtain.

So crazy

“Showgirls”, says Louboutin, “were actually my first design inspiration, so it’s really funny that after so many years of having created footwear for showgirls in my imagination, I ended up really working with them.”

And how should we imagine the shoes of the show? As gold leather pumps made up of the letters CRAZY sewn together. With ruby soles, of course. And floating five inches over the red carpet.

Crazy Horse: Fire – FROM 5th of MARCH until 31st of MARCH 2012
12, Avenue George V
75008 Paris
Métro: Alma Marceau
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