Marcovaldo: Think Italy!

Doe’s Marcovaldo ring any bell? It’s the name of the main character of a collection of short stories by Italo Calvino. He sent him from his rural Italy in a big industrial city in the North where he was lost. Now, close your eyes and imagine a nice Italian café and tearoom in the heart of the Upper Marais called like him: Marcovaldo. Here we go: a bit of Italy in the middle of Paris.

Southern Slowness

Last Summer, Francesca, Francesco et Irène, all Calvino fans, opened this pleasant place on rue Charlot in order to bring some Italian food, culture and sunlight and – I’ve to say – also southern slowness to the hustle and bustle of the French capital. The deco of Marcovaldo is a nice mix of Formica tables, crates filled with Italian books, photographs on the wall and plates from grandmother’s cave.

Now, what’s on the plates? Ask Francesca, the foodista of the trio, who’s doing the market every morning to prepare local, seasonal food. Think puff pastry with pears, pecorino and honey. Think organic risotto with mushrooms. Think about delicious salads and small plates of prosciutto and mozzarella. Starters are at 5 €, main dishes are at 10 €. In other words: You can have a decent, healthy lunch with a glass of Anghelia from Sardegna for 20 Euros. Or drop in just for a nice cake and a tea during afternoon.

Spritz Aperetif

En passant, you can glance into the latest books from Italy, reserve a cooking session with Francesca, talk about film with Irene or come back for an aperitif with Italian tapas (forgive me for the contradiction) or a Sunday morning brunch.

And you know what the best thing is? There is no buzz about it. It’s easy going, not crowded yet. Let’s keep it like this.


61, rue Charlot

75003 Paris

Tel. +33 (0)9 80 44 86 49

Métro République or Filles de Calvaire