My Paris Stories

King Karl posing in a window

Does this mean that Mister Lagerfeld is finally for sale? Or is it just a new PR offensive for the German designer - posing in a window like a prostitute in Amsterdam? It's nothing of that sort. After all, it’s Christmas, and all the windows of the big department stores are decorated with moving marionettes performing little nativity plays – or let’s say: bland and commercial versions of the latter. So why not do a TV show in one of these?

This is probably what they decided at Canal Plus, one of the French private TV channels. They invited Karl Lagerfeld alongside with the famous cook Thierry Marx and one of the funniest figures of the French music scene, the singer Philippe Katerine. To do what? To pose publicly and to talk about what  2010 meant to them, to discuss the events that marked the year.

People spent hours in front of the window taking photos of the strange meeting. The thing is, I’ve no idea what they said inside. You couldn’t hear anything. And for good reasons. The show will be broadcast only next week, on Christmas (25th of December and 26th at 11:20 and 11:30 am). So why reveal anything before? Why taking the risk of reducing the audience?

They are not stupid, after all. But they take us for fools. And we are, aren't we? All too fascinated by the celebrity circus. Yet seeing them in a shopping window has something good going for it too: You really don’t want to be in their shoes. It must be embarassing, even for them.Photos:
AFP, Fred Dufour