Plaza Athénée: 100 years of luxury

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There are some things to do before you die. One is: Visiting Paris. Another is staying in a true luxury hotel. So why not combine the two? Even if it was just for one day. The Plaza Athénée, one of the restricted circle of only seven hotels in Paris having received the Palace distinction, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and I bet you will not miss this.

Perfect location

When it comes to true luxury hotels and resorts, it’s difficult to make the difference. Why should one be better than the other? After all, it’s a question of taste. May be of location. If you ask François Delahaye, director of the Plaza, he might add: a question of service. “We have 550 employees at the Plaza”, Mr. Delahaye says, “and one is nobody else than Alain Ducasse.”

The Ego of a hotel

Ducasse’s restaurant is, of course, one of the trumpet cards of the Plaza. The other is the location on Avenue Montaigne, where you can see Mrs. Beckham and other fashionistas filling up their cupboards at Dior, Chanel or Louis Vuitton. Another point is “ego”. In other words: The fact that ne name alone makes you dream. The Plaza s one of the most enduring icons of Paris definitely does.

Artists and actors

Founded it 1913 by German Emilie Armbruster on Avenue Montaigne, it hosted artists from Monet to Magritte. Until today you can run into actors and personalities. From Jack Nicolson to Sarah Jessica Parker, from Woody Allen to Johnny Depp, they all have been here.

Royal Suite

And the rooms? Timeless chic, I would say, extremely cosy and luxury, some with a splendid view on the Eiffel Tower. I had the opportunity to visit the Royal Suite, a 450 square meters, 4-bedroom Suite equipped with the last technology, hidden Panasonic 3D full HD systems which left me quite speechless, I’ve to admit. For 26 000 Euros a night without breakfast, you might object, it better do.

And the birthday? Will be celebrated all year long. But on 20 April 2013, the exact day of the birthday, 100 balloons will be released in the hotel’s Cour Jardin. So if you see a lot of balloons in the sky of Paris, you’ll know where they come from.

Plaza Athénée
25 Avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 53 67 66 65
Métro: Alma Marceau  
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