Hôtel Saint-Vincent: A real find

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Reviewed on 11/12/2010 | No Reviews

The Hôtel Saint-Vincent is a real find. It’s perfectly situated, elegantly decorated and not even expensive. What more do you want?

When you arrive in front of the huge porch of the mansion at rue du Pré-aux-Clers, you probably think that you are mistaken: Could this hotel possibly be the place where you booked a single bedroom for 150 Euros? Could it really be the right one? Don’t worry. You’ve just found a gem.

Chill out at the open fire

Arriving at Hôtel Saint-Vincent actually feels a bit like coming home to good friends or family at the countryside. You are in the very heart of Saint-Germain, in the middle of the most eclectic of neighbourhoods in Paris with all its galleries, boutiques, restaurants, cafés, only a short stroll away from the Musee d’Orsay, but the mansion is hidden in a lovely street that no tourists seem to know. It’s all so quiet and cosy here. In wintertime you will even enjoy the crackling open fire in the lobby, a perfect place to chill out after the hustle and bustle outside.

Refined decoration

Rooms are not huge, but they never are in Paris, except you usually pay much more. Most of all they are decorated with refinement, mixing the Napoleon III style with contemporary elements. Colours are all soothing fawn and taupe. There are only 22 rooms and each one is slightly different.

At Hôtel Saint-Vincent you immediately feel that Bertrand Plasmans, the manager, has a special knack for decoration: he starts with the curtains choosing beautiful fabrics in the specialized boutiques of the neighbourhood and he then goes on to combine them with matching colours in the walls, carpets and bedspreads. It’s always nice when you feel the love somebody puts into a place.

High in style and value

Rooms have been recently completely updated and are all equipped with modern amenities like flat screen and air-conditioning. There is even a tiny gym. And all this in a neighbourhood where you would easily pay the double for what you get here. Hôtel Saint-Vincent is high in style and value. You’d just better not tell anybody about it.

Hôtel Saint-Vincent
5, rue du Pré-aux-Clercs
75007 Paris
Tel. +33(0)1 42 61 01 51
Métro: Rue du Bac   or Saint-Germain-des-Prés 
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