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Hôtel Fabric: For urban nomads

4 rates

So many hotels opened lately in Paris, that it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. But here is a perfect... 

Address: 31, rue Folie Méricourt 75011 Paris

Métro: Oberkampf   & Saint-Ambroise  

Fees and prices: Rooms start at 14

Jules & Jim: Cool cocooning

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Jules and Jim, that sounds familiar to your ears? Of course it does. Think Truffaut. Think Jeanne Moreau. And from... 

Address: 11, rue des Gravilliers 75003 Paris

Métro: Arts et Metiers  

Fees and prices: From 180.- to 310.-€, under the roof 270.- to 310.-, suite 390.- to 550.-

Murano: Sleeping is not enough

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Some hotels are not just hotels. They have a concept. They sometimes are the concept. Take the Murano Urban Resort.... 

Address: 13, boulevard du Temple 75003 Paris

Filles du Calvaire  

Fees and prices: rooms from 360-650 €, suites from 750-2500 €

Hotel Amour: Being part of the hype-tribe

8 rates

Since the opening of Hôtel Amour in 2006 the in-crowd has loved it. And the in-crowd, by definition, is young,... 

Address: 8, rue de Navarin 75009 Paris

Place Saint-Georges

Fees and prices: Single rooms start at 100 €, double rooms at 150 € - 280 €, breakfast 12 €

Kube Hotel: So cool

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Here it’s all about the cube, the ice cube to be precise. Because the most curious thing in this place, that... 

Address: 1-5 passage Ruelle 75018 Paris

La Chapelle   or Marx Dormoy  

Fees and prices: Romm start at 250 - 750 €, 900 € for the Nordic Room (suite)

Mama Shelter: In bed with Shrek

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Mama Shelter is something new, something special: You can hardly find a better price-quality ratio in Paris and... 

Address: 109, rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris

Porte de Bagnolet

Bus line n° 26, 64 and 76 direction Pyrénées (Bagnolet stop) and line n° 69 (Gambetta stop)

Fees and prices: 172 rooms from 79.- to 109.- Euros