The Unplayed Notes of Loris Gréaud – FINISHED

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It’s a perfect timing: Yesterday, as the FIAC, the famous Paris Art fair opened, the art dealer Yvon Lambert inaugurated the first solo show of a French shooting star: Loris Gréaud’s “Unplayed Notes” will definitely attract the arty crowd.

Loris Gréaud has what you can call a meteoric career: He’s thirtysomething and already a star of the international art scene. More than this: He’s probably one of the most, if not the most successful artist to come out of the French post-aesthetic years.

A meteoric career

In 2005, at the age of 26, he had his first solo show and won the Prix Ricard for young artists. Only three years later, he took over the entire Palais de Tokyo with its 4000 square metres.  After “The Geppetto Pavilion” shown at the Biennale in Venice, he’s at his next strike now.

All his work shown at Yvon Lambert is taking you in his universe. Each hall, each universe is different though. Whether it’s his own work burnt into ashes or transformed into a new piece, or the so called love-locks he took from Pont des Arts in Paris after he had broke them open by his own means: Gréaud is interested in transformation. And the material always has to be genuine.

A bitter mockery?

“Tainted love” is called the piece showing metal sculptures on concrete steel made of the looks of lovers who promised eternal love, melted down in new forms. Is it homage to the desire of eternal love? Or just a bitter mockery that the promise has to be transformed into art to pass into eternity?

If you ever have been to the famous gallery of Yvon Lambert on rue Vieille du Temple in the Marais district, you probably find a complete new space. In its centre is the piece “The unplayed notes”, a work that you can call a masterpiece: a huge, dark hall, sparsely populated with lava-like chunks turning in the black-and-white twilight of a film projected on the wall. The moving images, filmed by a termographic camera, are showing humans in movement: a woman and a man having sex.

Gréaud confirms his position: Navigating between signs and things, mixing all kind of disciplines and, most of all, surprising his audience.

Loris Gréaud: “Unplayed Notes” – From October 18 – December 5, 2012 – FINISHED
Gallery Yvon Lambert
108, rue Vielle du Temple
75003 Paris
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