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Carla for Cannes

But then I opened the newspapers and couldn't believe it. What has been a rumour for several weeks was true. During the Cannes film festival, Woody Allen announced that Carla actually would be starring in his next film called "Midnight in Paris".

She always enjoyes her role

Midnight in Paris? That sounds promising. Can you imagine Carla, France’s First Lady, strolling down the Seine bank on a hot summer night lightly dressed? She will be at her ease as she is always. She doesn’t care whether she is posing for a nude photo or doing a curtsey in front of the Queen, she always seems to enjoy her role.

Carlas diary will be entertaining reading matter

But what will Woody do with her? My concern is not for my friend Nicolas, for his re-election or her reputation. But the power of good directors is to make actors do things they wouldn't usually  do. And Mr Allen is a good director. Well, he calmed us all down by announcing that Carla will play a kind of cultural role. She will be a museum director. That suits her perfectly. Don’t get me wrong; this is not ironical at all. She is a brilliant woman, who speaks a handful of languages perfectly, writes beautiful songs, plus she is keeping a diary and that one day, I’m sure, will be very  entertaining reading matter.

A transforming trip

Allen has said that during the shooting of the film he was going to stay in the Hotel Bristol and that the scenes with Carla will be shot in this Parisian Palace. It’s only a stone’s throw away from the Elysée – plus: Nicolas loves it’s restaurant, which might have helped the Chef get a third – unearned - star from the Michelin guide.

In the press release, Allen explains that the film follows a family travelling to Paris and that the party includes a young engaged couple whose  lives are transformed by the journey. Apparently the film celebrates a young man's great love for Paris – and, let me guess, not only Paris. Because the film is also supposed to explore the illusion that other peoples lives are always better. Which is something Carla Bruni-Sarkozy definitely knows about, since she has changed life quite often.Photos:
Le Bristol: very chic!