Bill Viola: Leave something behind

“I was born at the same time as video”, Bill Viola often says. It was back in 1951 when he was born in New York. A couple of months later, Bing Crosby presented the first video tape recorder. Was it a coincidence or a sign? Or did Viola just use the coincidence... 


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“Camus makes you feel good”

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Paris people, Portraits

Albert Camus with his young daughter Catherine A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet Catherine Camus. She and her twin brother Jean were 14, when their father died. It was shock, a kind of Tsunami, she says today, a wound that never will completely heal. Catherine is still living in the house Camus bought from his Nobel Prize money in the little village of Lourmarin, in South of France, together with four dogs and countless cats. Here, in his former office with a splendid view on Southern landscape, she is managing his work. No plans for Camus Camus’s 100th birthday, you might think, must be a huge... 

Vanessa Bruno: Perfectly Parisian

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Paris people, Portraits

“I’m not a typical French girl”, Vanessa likes to say, but her style is definitely typical French or let’s say: so very, very Parisian. It’s so perfectly Parisian that Fashionista called Vanessa Bruno’s work “the perfectly French wardrobe every American girl’s after.” And “Mad about Paris” found the perfect formula calling her style “relaxed romanticism”. But this alone can’t explain her success, which is due to the fact that Vanessa’s style is quite timeless: she knows how to transcend trends. Her father was at the head of Cacharel and Emmanuel Kahn, but when it comes to fashion,...